Taiji Shakuda, Chairman


Taiji Shakuda

Remembering the heart of the craftsman

Mr. Shakuda had been engaged in the brush making industry way back when calligraphy and art brushes were the core products. Since then he felt that hard work and always striving to improve had now resulted in the recognized value of the "Made in Japan" or "Made in Kumano" brand. "We never lost sight of who we are in the brush making industry and we kept our focus exclusively on producing high quality reliable brushes. We never took anything for granted. We simply focused on doing what we do best and we put our hearts into producing our brushes."

My pride in makeup brushes

He began producing make-up brushes in the 1970's.
"Women have always desired beauty. Women have always been seeking ways to improve upon their looks." He is very proud to be able to produce brushes and is motivated to creating high quality products that women can enjoy for many years to come.

Hands are the soul of the Kumano Brush

Brush making is the continuation of interpreting the customer's needs accurately.
Because of our advanced technology, knowledge and experience, Mizuho's Craftsmen can convey our customer's envisions to a finished product. This invaluable sense is the soul of our craftsmen. This ability to design and produce brushes to our customer's specifications is important to us. We furnish this ability by training young craftsmen and craftswomen in the ways of our Master craftsmen to continue to provide this service.