Osahiro Maruyama, Managing Director

Managing Director

Osahiro Maruyama

Challenging the international market

Based on the establishment of their signature brand , "Mizuho Brush", in 2008, Mr. Osahiro Maruyama started drawing up management plans for marketing perspectives and new business ventures, internationally as well as domestically.
"I'm always trying to objectively see the point of view of our business. Through dialogue with customers, I endeavor to understand their needs. I want to continue to foster honest face to face relationships with our customers."

Modern Management

"Quality brush making will always require the human hand. However, the computer is better suited to certain areas such as production control and general management. Therefore, I'm aiming for an efficient hybrid of manual work and Information technology. This is the motivating factor of my job." Because areas of work will always require the hand, Mizuho Brush will continue to treasure this necessary aspect while staying up to date with IT innovation. Keeping the company strong is vital, as they move to the future, for the benefit of both the customers and employees.

Protecting tradition and creating new values

The most important aspect of OEM production is meeting the corporate customer's specifications 100%. On the other hand, when creating a signature brand, the main factor is discovering and then fulfilling the needs of the end user directly.
"We believe that we can find new values while continuing to protect the craftsmanship tradition. We would like to expand the possibility of the brush even further."