Shizuko Shakuda, Production Meister

Production Meister

Shizuko Shakuda

Manual production quality

Shizuko Shakuda, alongside with Mizuho Brush president, Mr. Taiji Shakuda, started the company in 1970. She has 40 year experience as a craftswoman. She is responsible for the production section of Mizuho Brush.
"Because there is a variety of hair, obedient hair and stubborn hair... the "animal hair will change slightly the contents of the integral hair work depending on the type of the hair. Getting this integral hair work done by hand, and the unique texture requires meticulous and careful work to achieve the Mizuho Brush."

Women's Role at Mizuho

Meticulous work requires the skill of women's dexterous hands. Many craftswomen are homemakers with families at Mizuho. Women play a large role in the support of Mizuho Brush.

Nurturing successors

"I'm proud to have inherited the traditional brush making techniques at Mizuho and take great joy in training and nurturing the next generation of successors who will continue the tradition for years to come."
The production team, trains every day to understand not only each stage, but to see the complete process.