Makoto Sumiyoshi, Hair molding Gr. Production Div

Hair molding Gr. Production Div

Makoto Sumiyoshi

Realizing the Complexity of Brush Making

Mr. Makoto Sumiyoshi graduated from the Kumano Meister Brush Craft School. After learning the system of brush production at Mizuho, he became responsible for the production of the brush head shaping.
"I have found that every day we are learning and discovering how deep the process is and when we keep an enquiring mind, we will continue to do so."

Brush Making Sincerely

As group leader he has the opportunity to attend exhibition and events. It is the time to hear what the customers say and think about Mizuho Brush,
"To speak directly to many customers allows me to think of them when we are creating on brushes and always remember that they will be holding this very brush."

Challenge to the prototype development

He has also worked in prototype development after 5 years experience in Mizuho. Brush making utilizes the material features of hair and each hair has different qualities.
"It is similar to cooking, but each recipe depends on the ingredients and is never the same. To do this is very difficult and also very rewarding."