Hiroko Suga, Sales Div

Sales Div

Hiroko Suga

Users Interaction

Ms. Hiroko Suga is in charge of the Mizuho showroom and net shop sales.
She also assists in telephone support and order management. She communicates directly with people who use Mizuho's brushes. "When someone thanks me either by phone or e-mail, I am truly happy. After joining Mizuho, I started using the makeup brushes myself, and I can testify to the quality as well."

Identifying with Customers

Many of the calls she receives "what's the best type of brush to use for..." "There are many kinds of brushes, different cosmetics, and types of people, and to answer is very difficult. By listening carefully and trying to identify with each customer helps me immensely."

Makeup Education

Use and choice of proper brushes can resolve many makeup problems.
To always study and improve helps to find the appropriate advice. "Women of all ages use our products and that is why I keep an eye on various makeup styles. Women's Magazines are especially helpful to me."