Masayuki Taira, Engineering Gr. Production Div

Engineering Gr. Production Div

Masayuki Taira

Craftsman's Touch

The rules for producing Mizuho brand brushes are strict. "Mizuho brushes are always assembled at our factory and the hair tips are molded and never cut."
Mr. Masayuki Taira is responsible for the molding process of each stage of handle, cap and hair.
"There are many processes done by hand as well as machines. We depend on the skilled hand of many years experience."

Specs in the 1/100mm World

Building molds that often must be accurate to 1/100th of a millimeter, he must be very careful. Even small inaccuracies can adversely affect the brush. "We make the molds from scratch and some can be completed in an hour and some over several days. The process is often arduous, but I feel like, I hit a home run when I complete it. I think it would take 100 years to be a perfect molding craftsman."