Kumanofude Brush making process

From raw material to completed product

All of our products are fully inspected by Mizuho. Mizuho's manufacturing is done in stages. We diligently inspect from raw materials to completed brush. This system ensures quality craftsmanship at every stage of production to respond to various requests for OEM and customization in detail. The brush tips are made from a combination of natural hair (from animals of edible purposes) and Mizuho original synthetic hair that highly resembles the touch of natural hair. In this way, Mizuho aims to reduce impact on the global environment and respect natural life, alongside achieving sustainability.


Production Process

1Dressing Hair

Selecting Hair / Dressing Hair

Combing hair neatly and blending different types of hair to achieve customer's requirement.

2 Hair Quality Control

Hair Quality Control

The hair tips are carefully combed to remove loose hairs with a small knife called a "hansashi'.
This process specifically requires an experienced "hand" to recognize and remove the loose or inferior hairs. Although arduous and lengthy, this important step ensures only the highest quality brushes reach market.

3 Hair Tip Shaping

Hair Tip Shaping

To achieve the required brush tip shape, we use wooden molds called "Koma".
Koma are made according to OEM brush requirements.

4 Setting and inserting of hair

Setting and inserting of hair

Shaped hair is inserted into a ferrule.
Glue is applied to attach the ferrule and hair tip solidly.
After assembly, hair tip is thoroughly washed.

5 Handle Mounting and Inspection

Handle Mounting and Inspection

After cleansing, fully dried brush tops are mounted on the handle.
The brush is then inspected to ensure no loose or inferior hairs remain.
The finished brush is then thoroughly inspected from handle to hair tip to ensure completed brush is ready for market.